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Genius Messenger CRM Browser Extension​
Never lose track of a Facebook Prospect again!
Better Engagement + Better Communication = Higher ROI!

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Labels -  Tag your contacts with labels showing where they are in your sales pipeline and even color-code them!
Tags - Add Tags to contacts, as many as you want, to better categorize them
Notes - Make, edit, and prioritize Notes for each contact.
Name Field - You can add a field to insert the first name anywhere inside a canned message for better personalization!
Additional Contact Info - add email and phone number to FB Contacts!
Notifications - Set notifications and schedule reminders so you never miss another appointment with a Facebook contact.
Global Templates - Categorize canned responses by category.
Canned Responses - Those messages you type over and over again? Save them as canned messages so you can send them with one click of a button, including emojis, and images!
Pre-made Templates - create, export, and import pre-made Templates that include Labels, Global Templates, and Canned Responses.
Broadcasting - Send a "spin-texted" message to an entire Label or Tag
Backup your Data - Back up and import your data.
Export - Export your data as a CSV file.
Sync - Sync across multiple computers. We use a server so your data is there, no matter what machine you are logged in to.
Label/Tag Sorting - Sort Messenger Contacts by Labels and Tags, rather than the Messenger default of who messaged last.
Last Sent Filters - Filter Messenger by whether you or they sent the last message - never miss a reply, and never miss who to follow up with.
See which Messages are "Unread" - Set the Filter to unread so you never miss another Message.
Webhooks - Using webhooks, you can send data to other applications, including Google Sheets, calendars (such as Google Calendar), text marketing software (such as Chirply), email autoresponders, and more. This is a new feature, and has basic functions at the moment, but is currently being expanded.
Voice Chat Speed Settings - Play voice messages in Messenger and chat at up to 3X speed! Save time and be more productive. (currently inactive)
Zapier App - Integrate with just about anything using our Zapier App.
Lead Connector Direct Integration - integrate directly with Lead Connector for CRM connections (more coming soon).
Sales Pipelines - Create Pipelines to run your people through the sales process more easily and with more data to analyze for better results.



The software is working well, but if you encounter any issues while using it,
please report them and we will address them immediately.
Try it out for 7 days before being charged for it!

Genius Messenger CRM:

Everything You Need to Get More Leads and Sales
Genius Messenger CRM provides you everything you need to optimize and organize your Facebook Sales Pipelines. No more sorting through Messenger messages to find where a prospect is in your sales pipeline. No more typing the same thing over and over and over again. No more copying and pasting links to leads. No more wondering who you have appointments with, or when you are supposed to call someone back or send the a follow up message.
Track Your Leads
Your built-in Messenger CRM will keep track of all your prospects and leads right inside Messenger without ever having to look somewhere else.

With customizable color-coded labels, you can tag each Facebook Friend with a proper label: Prospect, Lead, Hot Lead, Client, Friend, Family, etc. Keep track of everyone you've ever messaged in Messenger and never lose a Messenger sale ever again! 
Schedule Notifications
Using the built-in Google Calendar integration, you can easily schedule reminder notifications right inside Messenger.
Never miss another phone call, or follow-up time again! We will be adding other calendar integrations in future updates, including Calendly. If you have a favorite calendar you'd like integrated, just let us know and we'll put it in a future update.
Automate Your System
Using customized Canned Responses, you can easily find the the things you type repeatedly, and add them to the chat window with the click of a button.
Have a video link you send to all new prospects? Have a sales page to send to your pre-sold Hot Leads that you type constantly? Have a standard welcome message you cut and paste? Now just click a button and close that lead!

Ongoing Development:
We will be continuing to improve and develop this software.
Currently, we are releasing new features every two to three weeks.

Just a few of the upcoming features:

Try it for a full 7 days!

We do not offer refunds, but you can "try before you buy" and you can cancel anytime.

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Try it for a full 7 days!

We do not offer refunds, but you can "try before you buy" and you can cancel anytime.